The End Result Corporate Training & Leadership Development

One of the factors currently impacting the workforce is the many generations that make up our teams and our companies. Harnessing the experience and knowledge that each generation brings will help you close the generation gap. By providing information that can be used as an ongoing reference, along with easy to follow audio support, and Sage Advice™ in a compact format, these powerful but straightforward resources provides you the ability to engage and effectively lead right now!

We are a diverse group made up of different generations and cultures whose careers have spanned across various industries. Our immense business experiences as educators and facilitators indicated the enormous need to understand how to engage and lead the many generations at work today. Generations come to the workplace with a different paradigm of work, time, work ethic and expectations.  This resulted in the development of easy to use and reference resources that help you by providing specific just-in-time ideas as you lead and manage using practical information and “how to’s.” We’ve selected small but powerful cards as our main vehicle as research indicates a much closer application of ideas when there is something to physically reference, rather than a virtual product.

About our Research:

It became clear in the last five years that the demographics as well as the expectations of our workshop participants were shifting. What employees wanted from their bosses were changing and the role of four generations in the workplace were impacting organizational behavior as well as cultures. We decided to take a focused look to see how much different each of the generations were from each other.

Our research in focus groups, surveys, online social networks, and interviewing hundreds of supervisors and managers clearly provided that each of the four generations have different expectations and require different incentives, coaching and styles of management to maximize performance and contributions.

As we applied our hypothesis data in workshops, we observed a lot of optimism about what can happen when we understand each other, by looking through the generational lenses to help us become more effective as we work along side each other.

Team Members


Diane Spiegel
Diane has specialized in the training arena for the last twenty-five years. Her clients have included the retail market, health care, manufacturing, hospitality, and state agencies.

As an organizational architect, her forte is in the development of training plans that provide organizations with a strategic process to educate and develop their employees while providing the framework for cultural and organizational change. Creativity, innovation and consistently stepping out of the box are what sets Diane’s brand apart.  As a sought after speaker, Diane facilitates many workshops around the area of Leadership Development as well as the impact of building strong effective business relationships and understanding the impact of multi-generations in the workplace.

Diane earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology from California State University Fullerton and has completed post-graduate study in employee relations and organizational development at the University of California, Irvine. She is certified in MBTI, PULSE POINT (formerly INTRPLAY) and MOHR. She is based out of Orange County, California.


Sarah Christman
Sarah has worked extensively for the past 16 years with client organizations all over the world to provide Training and Development consulting and facilitation in the areas of Leadership, Management Development, Performance Management, Behavioral Interviewing, Customer Loyalty, Global Diversity, Behavioral Styles, and Sales.  She has extensive experience conducting climate assessments and competency studies and has successfully coached managers to improve their work climate for maximum productivity and profitability.  She regularly works in the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Asia Pacific and Mexico, as well as, all over the United States.
Her professional experience includes 20 years in Human Resources and Training and Development management.  She started her career with Alcon Laboratories and worked with such organizations as American Airlines, Excellon Automation, Printronix before starting her own training and consulting business.

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas and has completed post-graduate studies in employee relations and organizational development.  She holds training certifications from Development Dimensions, AchieveGlobal (Master Trainer) , Select International, Leading Initiatives, DISC, Inter-Play,  Netspeed Leadership, Harvard Manage Mentor, Blazing Service and many others.  She is a member of ASTD.  

Sharon Kravitz
Sharon has over 15 years of experience as a Training and Development professional in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, retail, and banking. Her experience includes designing and facilitating leadership development and customer service programs, design and implementation of user-friendly computer courses and customization of training materials.
Sharon has strong platform and presentation skills and takes a facilitative approach to working with groups. She is a natural leader with strong interpersonal skills. She has experience in team building and in building bridges between work groups. Sharon has worked with all levels of employees.
She received a BS in Sociology and Communications from California State University, Long Beach. She is certified in Situational Leadership from the Center for Leadership Studies.

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