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Workshop In A Box! Gererations @WorkGenerations @Work

Now Available!

The Gen Y Handbook:
Applying Relationship Leadership to
Engage Millennnials

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$15.95 retail - Special Online Pricing: $12.95 + $3 shipping (ONE book only)

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Please email us for larger quantities.
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Sage LeadershipWelcome Sage Leadership Tools™ are communication resources to help you engage and lead - a sound business strategy in good times, a NECESSITY during challenging times. Buliding efficient working relationships is key to productivity, effectiveness and thriving.

Sage Leadership Tools™ have been designed to help you:
• Understand the people you lead to improve their productivity
• Understand how to bridge the generation divide, to harness potential talent
• Understand why things have changed which provides a framework to help you find --perspective from the various generations’ point of view.
• Experience productive conversations to help you conduct your own focused dia





























logues --to build working relationships that support your goals.

Sage: Regarded as wise, experienced and having good judgment, not always aware of the positive impact they have on others.

Sage Leadership Tools™ Build Efficient Working Relationships through Generation Gap Training products that focus on using management educational workshops and supervisory job aids. Corporate trainers will benefit from the compact and affordable products offered for online sale. They provide a framework for communication with the 4 generations currently in the workforce: Traditionalists, Baby-Boomers, Gen X, Millennials/Gen Y.